How We Assist

Bereavement Grant
The surviving spouse/partner is provided with a Bereavement Grant of either $6,000, $7,000 or $8,000 depending on the number of children in the family.

Educational Grants
• Covers all necessary costs involving education
• Fees and levies
• Uniforms, shoes, bags
• Books and stationery
• School camps/excursions
• 50% of on campus accommodation when required to live away from home to attend University
• All TAFE fees and Uni course requirements (plus $500 per university subject successfully passed to assist legatees in significantly reducing the HELP debt they carry into adulthood)
• Up to $1,500 of 1st year Apprenticeship course requirements and tools of trade

Technology Grants
Paid bi-annually
$1,000 for Years 1 to 6
$1,250 for Years 7 to 10
$1,500 for Years 11 to Tertiary

Extra-curricular Grants
Each legatee is able to access up to $2,500 to fund extra-curricular activities such as but not limited to club sport, music, dance/drama, swimming lessons, membership of community clubs and organisations, intrastate or interstate school trips and driving lessons.

Driver Training Courses
Queensland Police Legacy pays for all legatees to undertake a recognised Driver Training Course after they attain their driver’s license.

Birthday card and gift from the membership of Queensland Police Legacy

Police Legacy Family Holiday
Queensland Police Legacy holds an annual holiday for Legatees and their families. More details are on our Police Legacy Family Holiday page.

Social events
End of year celebration with a special visit from Senior Sergeant Santa Claus, who also makes sure the ‘country kids’ don’t miss out on receiving a gift.

Establishment Grant
Upon completion of their education, legatees receive an Establishment Grant of $5,000 and officially cease to be eligible to receive any further financial assistance (as per the QPLS Constitution).