Police Legacy Family Holiday

The Police Legacy Family Holiday brings families together

Since 1979 Queensland Police Legacy has provided the opportunity for the families to get-together once a year for a group holiday by arranging and financing the event. Queensland Police Legacy families live scattered throughout Queensland with some living interstate.  Busy lives and the tyranny of distance makes it difficult for families to get together and interact.

In the early days these group holidays were held in caravan parks. Many former families have fond memories of laid-back times complete with leaky caravan roofs. While there has been considerable improvement in the standard of accommodation provided the main focus of the group holiday continues to be providing busy families the opportunity to spend time together, informal mentoring and forming new friendships whilst reaffirming old ones.

The holiday provides an opportunity for recently bereaved spouses and children to meet with those who have suffered through similar circumstances all in a non-judgemental environment.

Strong bonds are formed between those who attend the group holiday. Social media has enabled the easy maintenance of those friendships. One of the boys summed it up best as “the Police Legacy kids are like cousins – we might not see each other very often but we know we are there for each other”.

There is currently a group of former legatees who are working in London and still keeping a look-out for each other. Some of the Police Legacy children were new-born babies when admitted to the scheme and it is not uncommon for some families to have a 20 year relationship with the scheme.