About Us

Children of a family supported by the Queensland Police Legacy SchemeThe Queensland Police Legacy Scheme is a charity registered with both the federal ACNC and Queensland Office of Fair Trading. It is an incorporated entity with Letters Patent being issued in 1972 under the Religious Educational and Charitable Institutions Act 1861-1967.

Queensland Police Legacy was founded in 1971 with the aims and objectives of providing ongoing assistance to the eligible dependent families of deceased Queensland Police Officers. The primary focus of this assistance has always been on ensuring that the dependent children of those families receive the education their parents intended for them, that they deserve and that they may have been deprived of due to circumstance.

In 2005 the Constitution was changed to include the families of serving officers whose spouse had died. Police Legacy’s support in such instances allows experienced serving officers to continue working on a part-time basis whilst being available to their children when they are needed most. Police Legacy also supports the families of serving officers where a parent is suffering from terminal illness.

Queensland Police Legacy receives income from police officers donations via a payroll deduction system, fundraising from various member charity events, voluntary public donations, investments and from the distribution of the Queensland Police Legacy Child Safety Handbook .

Over the past 51 years the Scheme has provided assistance to 269 families and 483 dependent legatee children.

All donations of $2 and over are Tax Deductible