Queensland Police Legacy SchemeThe Queensland Police Legacy Scheme assists the eligible* dependent families of deceased sworn Queensland Police Officers, the dependent families of Queensland Police Officers whose spouse has died and the families of serving Queensland Police Officers with a parent suffering a terminal illness.

Queensland Police Legacy is currently supporting 53 families:

– 30 families of deceased Queensland police officers
– 18 families of serving officers whose spouse has died
– 5 families of serving officers where a parent is suffering a terminal illness.

Police Legacy is meeting the educational expenses of 92 dependent children:

– 9 legatees are studying at University
– 1 legatee is in the first year of a trade apprenticeship
– 4 legatees are taking a gap year with the intention of continuing their studies next year
– 44 legatees are in Secondary schooling
– 29 legatees are in Primary School or Prep
– 5 legatees are under school age

Queensland Police Legacy’s commitment to these eligible families is long-term and on-going.

Queensland Police Legacy also assists the PALS Group and QPLSWA (membership of these groups is made up of widows and widowers whose families formerly received financial assistance from the QPLS).

– Social functions
– Personal security alarm systems

*Families remain eligible to receive assistance until the dependent children complete their education, or the surviving parent remarries or the surviving parent has been in a de facto relationship that has endured for a period of more than 2 years.