In June 1969 the Executive of the Queensland Police Union was requested, by members, to institute a “Police Legacy” system to care for the dependent children of deceased police officers.

In 1971 the Queensland Police Legacy Scheme (QPLS) was established.  A committee of serving police officers was formed under the Chairmanship of Francis Edmond Atwood with Brian Andrew Osborne as Treasurer and Ronald George Youels as Secretary.  The Committee functioned independently to the Queensland Police Union.  With assistance from the Commissioner of Police, a voluntary payroll deduction system for subscriptions by police officers was instigated on 6 July 1972.

On 18 May 1972 the QPLS was incorporated as a charitable institution under the Religious Educational and Charitable Institutions Act 1861 – 1967 when “Letters Patent” were issued by His Excellency, the Deputy Governor the Honourable Mostyn Hanger.

In late 1973, when accumulated funds reached $10,000, the QPLS commenced providing assistance in accordance with its Constitution.  The primary focus of the scheme was to ensure the education of those children was not disadvantaged by the death of their parent.  Funding the educational expenses of dependent children continues to be the core focus of the QPLS to this day.

Over the past 53 years assistance has been provided to 281 Queensland Police families. The educational expenses of 502 legatee children have been met by the Scheme.