Friends of Queensland Police Legacy 2017

Loyal supporters, volunteers and charity event organisers gathered on Wednesday 10 May 2017 for the annual National Volunteers Week Friends of Queensland Police Legacy event. The President and Board of The Queensland Police Legacy Scheme hosted the evening to thank those that assist and support Queensland Police Legacy in assisting and supporting our Queensland Police Legacy families.  Lindsay Rattray, the President of the Queensland Police Legacy Scheme, thanked all our supporters, throughout Queensland and further afield, for their ongoing generosity that enables us to provide the support and assistance to our Police Legacy families to the extent that we do.  Lindsay also presented a snapshot of our activities and programs over the last twelve months and, most importantly, a summary of the achievements of our Police legatees over the same period.

Helpers 2017 1

Helpers 2017 2

helpers 2017 3

Helpers 2017 4

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