Hervey Bay Social Quilters

Quilts provided by the Hervey Bay Social Quilters to Queensland Police Legacy.

The awesome ladies from the Hervey Bay Social Quilters group volunteered to undertake a massive project of making a handmade quilt for each of the Queensland Police Legacy children.

The ladies have asked not to be provided with the names of the recipients, out of respect for the children’s privacy. All they request is to be provided with a list showing the sex and age of each child.

The ladies have supplied (at considerable personal expense) all of the materials needed to complete the patchwork and quilting. They have chosen the fabrics, colour-ways and patterns they think will suit each recipient before lovingly hand making each of these precious quilts.

As the group is working their way through a list of more than 70 quilts, it will take some time to complete the project. With that in mind, it was decided last year to start with the youngest and work their way up to the older children.

The ladies do not expect or seek any recognition or thanks for what can truly be called a “Random Act of Kindness”.

However, the love and care that goes into to the making of these magnificent quilts is very much appreciated by the children.

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